Upcoming Book 'Being An Entrepreneur's Wife'


We are into full fledged publishing of unsolicited fiction and non-fiction titles in English language. We also accept Biographies and Poetry, as we strongly believe in promoting poetry among the young readers. We do not publish textbooks, scientific books and technical books, please do not submit works that belongs to these categories.



For preliminary evaluation of your proposal please send us your work at Editorial@blackbuckpublication.com with the following

  • Detailed synopsis of the book (do mention the total word count of the book)
  • Brief plot summary of the proposal (not more than 200 words)
  • A brief description of author
  • First three chapters of the book or four thousand words (whichever is more) or three stories in case of short stories.

All submission sent to us should be clearly typed with adequate spacing

Please give us at least a month’s time to completely evaluate your proposal and arrive at a decision. If you don’t hear from us within this time period, drop us an e-mail at Editorial@blackbuckpublication.com and we’d get back to you.

If we like your proposal after the preliminary evaluation, we will ask you for the complete manuscript.

Please note that the decision to accept or reject your proposal is Blackbuck Publications’s alone. The company will not necessarily provide a reason should it decide not to accept your submission.

If your submission has been turned down, please do not resubmit it, as it will not be looked at.

If we accept your manuscript, you will be formally notified by one of our editors or publishers and terms will then be agreed and contracts signed. Until then, please note that Blackbuck Publications cannot assume any liability whatsoever for your proposal/manuscript.