Upcoming Book 'Being An Entrepreneur's Wife'

Blackbuck Publication is a young independent publishing house for non-fiction and fiction books (Paperback, Hardcover and e-books). The aim of this publication is to bring to the surface the talented new writers who find it difficult to showcase their work. Blackbuck will represent the exquisite and appealing work of fiction, non-fiction and poetry as well.

Blackbuck Publication is in process of developing a strong foundation in the Indian literary industry. Developing ties with regional distributors & publishers and a vast list of upcoming books this young Indian publishing house is planning to make a aggressive and transparent image among the authors, vendors and consumers.

The strength of the company is the young and energetic people involved in the operations of working and the fresh and new authors who almost dazzled the editors with their impressive writing skills and imaginative story telling. Much has happened in the first few years of existence of Blackbuck publication, we have published more than 50 titles during this time.

With a strong entry into the literary world we wish to diversify and consolidate our areas of expertise in future. We also commit of excellence and transparency to our authors and readers.


We aim to stay in touch with our readers through strong social media presence and regular events.